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Caskets: We offer a wide selection of hardwood and metal caskets in every price range to fit your familys need and budget.  The casket is usually one of the most expensive items in the cost of a funeral so we strive to make every family we serve feel emotionally and financially comfortable with the selection you make.  We are here to help you in making the right decision. 

Outer Interment Receptacles: Outer interment receptacles are made of either wood, steel or concrete.  Ourter interment receptacles are almost always an option and are required in only a few cemeteries.  They provide peace of mind by protecting the casket from earth burial, future grave openings and minimize the grave from sinking.

Printing: Prayer cards (often mistakingly called mass cards) are laminated cards with a stock picture or art work on the front and a prayer on the back along with the name and dates of the deceased.  The prayer is usually selected from variety of religious and non-religious prayers or poems from our book or the family can give us something that they have written themselves.  A picture of the deceased can also be put onto the card, either on the front or the back.  Acknowledgement cards (sometimes called thank you cards) are also available.  Usually we will print the name of the decased on the card for you for ease of sending out.  We never charge for additional cards after the funeral is over (unless it is a special order not printed from us).   

Flowers: Flowers and plant arrangements are a beautiful way to send your condolence to a loved ones family while here at the funeral home.  Unless the family has expressed donations in lieu of flowers, flowers can be ordered by any florist of your choice and sent to the funeral home on the day of visitation or services held at the funeral home.  If no visitation has taken place and you may still want to send an arrangement to to family's residence.  It is best to speak directly to your florist for costs and flower type availability.  It is always best to speak to the expert.  Call your own florist or the florist closest to us is Kings Park Florst (631-269-9059).  They are resonable, reliable and only a block from the funeral home.  Owners Judy, Kelly or their staff will be happy to assist you in making the right choice.

Cremation Caskets & Alternative Units: If you are choosing a viewing or a funeral where the deceased is present you will need a casket.  Options for cremation include hardwood caskets, hardwood veneer and other wood products that are lower in cost than caskets for burial.  You also have the option of renting a casket which includes a simple cremation unit.  This option gives you the use of a beautiful hardwood casket at a fraction of the cost.  If there is no viewing, direct cremation or if the service is a memorial, where the deceased is not present, then you do not have to purchase a casket.  A simple inexpensive alternative cremation unit of your choice can be used. 

Urns: Memorial urns are permanent containers for the cremated remains of a loved one.  Urns come in all shapes, sizes, materials and prices.  Most urns are made to contain all of the cremated remains for permanent storage, burial or entobment but urns are also made in smaller sizes should it be your desire to only keep a portion of the cremated remains after scattering or final disposition.  If scattering all of the remains is the family's desire then you do not have to purchase an urn and the temporary container supplied by the crematory is a suitable receptacle to hold the ashes prior to scattering.  Jewelry holding a small portion of the ashes has also become a popular option available. 

Memorial Tribute Videos:  A memorial tribute video is an excellent way to remember and share a life that was lived.  At no cost to every family we serve a professional DVD video will be put together in time for the visitation and played on one of our flat screen monitors.  Family members will each get a copy to take home with them after the funeral.  Information will be provided to you at the arrangement conference and the time frame you will need have it ready for visitation.

Email: info@butler-hughesfuneralhome.com

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