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We understand that every family has different needs and desires.  From the type of service to the final resting place.  Every aspect of a funeral reflects the uniqueness of the individual who is being honored. 

At Butler-Hughes Funeral Home we have the resources to meet your every need.  We will work with you to put together a personalized funeral and one that takes into consideration your religious and cultural traditions, personal preferences and your financial means.

The services you select may depend on family tradition or may have been the desires of the deceased.  They may depend on the ability of the family being able to be present or the services may be simple because of financial concerns.  We will work with you to put together a funeral that is right for you.

  • TRADITIONAL FUNERALS - A traditional funeral ceremony usually includes a visitation period at the funeral home followed by a religious service either at the funeral home or at a church or other religious facility.  After the funeral service the family then follows in a funeral procession to the cemetery for either burial or entombment.  If cremation is chosen then cremation will follow the religious service most of the time in private. 
  • GRAVESIDE SERVICES - A graveside service is one in which there is no visitation at the funeral home and the family either follows as a procession from the funral home or meets the funeral director at the cemetery.  Any and all services will take place at graveside.  If this option is chosen and you would like to make a short identification of the deceased prior to leaving for the cemetery, this can be worked out at the arrangement conference.
  • DIRECT CREMATION OR BURIAL -  This service is one in which the funeral home will take care of all of the necessary details and get your loved one to the cemetery or crematiory with no one present and at the convenience of the funeral home schedule.  This is obviously the least costly type of arrangement.  An identification of the deceased can be arranged at the funeral home prior to interment or in the case of cremation an identification is required.  
  • MEMORIAL SERVICES - A memorial service is defined as a funeral service without the deceased present.  The remains usually have already been cremated and sometimes the deceased's ashes are present at the memorial.  Most families choose some combination of a memorial visitation and/or formal religious service.  Eulogies can be combined as part of the memorial service or in lieu of a formal religious service.  Memorial services can take place at the family's convenience as there is no need to rush because of disposition of the remains, so it is not unusual to hold memorial services weeks or sometimes months after the death of a loved one.  We encourage pictures, videos or mementos to celebrate the life that person lived. 
  • DEATHS OUT OF TOWN - If the death of a loved one has taken place out of town we have the expertise to transfer the remains back home for a funeral.  If all of the services are going to take place here in New York it is to your advantage NOT to contact another funeral home and let us take care of the transfer.  This will save you the hassle of dealing with two funeral homes and will also be a big savings to you financially as well.  If there will be services out of town first then just give the out-of-town funeral home our name and telephone number and they will make the necessary arrangements.  If you have any questions regarding out of town transfers please call us and we would be glad to answer any questions. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the types of funerals mentioned above, we would be glad to help you answer any concerns you might have.  Making funeral arrangements is a very personal and difficult thing to do and we are here to help you through it with compassion and with years of expertise. 

Email: info@butler-hughesfuneralhome.com

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