We at Johnson Funeral Homes are so sure we can beat any pricing available, you ask about our "VALUE PLAN" and we will give you an automatic 2% discount on all merchandise for PRE-ARRANGED Funeral Plans.  All AT NEED Funerals - if you mention the "AT-NEED PLAN" at the time of arrangements you will receive an added 2% discount from all merchandise for CASH PAID at time of arrangements. 


Hardwood caskets, along with caskets of bronze, copper and steel, offer a wide selection and price range to select from, our caskets start at the Value Line Casket at under $1000.00 to Premium Line Caskets which you can choose your price range. Our Casket Selection Room offers each family privacy to make their selection of choice.  If you wish we can come to you with pictures of most of the caskets we carry in each of funeral homes.


We offer Zenith Casket line and you can go online today    and see the changing line and elements offered in each style offered.

Every cemetery develop their own burial requirements. Depending on the cemetery you choose, you may be required to purchase an outer burial container to surround the casket in the grave. These outer containers are often referred to as burial vaults or grave liners. Value liners start at under $1000.00 to the most Premium Triple reinforced Vaults available at over $10K. We can assist you in offering specific information regarding your need for a burial vault.

 Wilbert line vaults offered online research for elements of each of the styles  online at



offer a Memorial Registry Book; several styles of Service Folders; and our premium Acknowledgement Cards to assist your family in memorializing.
Our staff can assist with information regarding your ordering of floral tributes from family and friends. A wide variety of selections are available that can be displayed at the service, ceremony or visitation.  Our preferred provides are uniquely qualified to assist you and will walk you through the process of selecting meaningful tributes.
Viewing Container Options specific to Cremation include: Hardwood Caskets for those desiring the very best; Cremation Containers for those wanting a simple yet dignified container to view their loved one; We offer a RENTAL Viewing Container (Hardwood) which offers all of the traditional options with cremation chosen for final disposition. 

Urns are specifically made for holding cremated remains. They range in shape and size, and can be simple in form or a true work of art. The urns we offer come in a variety of natural materials, such as bronze, wood and stone. Basic Urn costs start below $400.00 and Premium styled urns priced at many price points along the way. We also offer smaller keepsake urns, mementos and jewelry which we offer.

Wilbert line urns, mementos, jewelry, keepsake urns all found online providing you the ability to research go online to




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