Metal Caskets

There are many different types of metal caskets, and each type has its unique features and advantages.

Bronze, copper, and stainless steel are considered semi-precious metals.  Steel caskets are categorized based on the thickness of the material used (for example, 16-gauge steel, 18-gauge steel, and 20-gauge steel.)

Our caskets range in price from $795 to $5195.  You may visit our casket selection room to see the casket choices, or you may obtain a complete casket price list from the funeral home.

Hardwood Caskets

The oldest material known to man makes it a natural and environmentally sound choice when selecting a casket.  Hardwood is also strong, beautiful, and shock resistant.  And just as no two pieces of hardwood are exactly the same, each casket handcrafted of hardwood has its own, warming identity.  Choosing a hardwood casket also leaves a legacy for the next generation because wood is a renewable resource. 

The most popular species of hardwood caskets are:

  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Elm
  • Maple
  • Poplar

Professional woodworkers, skilled in the art of cabinetry, follow many steps to ensure that the quality of the final product is comparable to that of the finest furniture.  These craftsmen apply a wide variety or exterior finishes that accent the graining pattern that is unique to each species of the wood.

Our caskets range in price from $395 to $5495.  You may visit our casket selection room to see the casket choices, or you may obtain a complete casket price list from the funeral home.

Prayer Cards & Registry Books

A variety of memorial registry books, prayer cards, service folders and acknowledgement cards are available that can reflect the life and interests of the deceased.

Available in Spanish and English.

Floral Displays

We can assist with floral tributes from family and friends. A wide variety of selections are available from local florists that can be displayed at the service, ceremony or visitation. 

Rental Casket

A ceremonial rental casket is offered to families who wish to have a traditional funeral service with cremation that follows.  The casket holds a cremation tray inserted into the casket shell.  After services, the body along with the insert and interior material is cremated and the outer shell is reused. 

Our price for the rental casket is $1195, a savings of approx. $2000 if you were to purchase the unit. 

Urn Selections

Cremation urns are made of many differernt types of materials, from bronze and copper to stainless steel to various species of hardwood, marble and stone. 

Many urns can be personalized, thereby offering a visual record of a life lived.  In addition to names, birth dates, and death dates, a favorite activity, sport, or hobby, fraternal organization, or military emblem can be engraved on the cremation urn.

Keepsake urns are smaller urns that hold a portion of the cremated remains.  They range in design from very simple to very detailed works of art.  The concept behind the keepsake is to allow each family member to have a small amount of the cremated remains to create a personal memorial.  This is particularly important when scattering is chosen as the method of final disposition for the cremated remains, or for  families and friends seperated by distance.

Our urns range in price from $55 to $1195.  We have a variety on display for you to see in our selection room, or a complete urn price list may be obtained at the funeral home.







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